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Program Operations


With deep program expertise and a commitment to continuous improvement, Veritas HHS brings exceptional value to program operations for health and human services agencies. Our insights and strong partnerships with clients help create high performance child support offices. Our progressive, problem-solving skills carry over to the effective operation of specialized child support functions such as voluntary paternity acknowledgment, bank account matching, and bank account liens and levies. We bring the same collaborative approach and strong program expertise to contracted services for the Affordable Care Act, Children’s Health Insurance Programs, and Medicaid.

Operations Consulting


We draw on a long history of innovation, deep operational experience, and national knowledge of best practices to help managers develop creative solutions to real-life program challenges. Veritas HHS staff has conducted management assessments and business project reengineering studies in many states that led to performance enhancements for child support programs. With our unique perspective on Affordable Care Act eligibility processing challenges, Veritas HHS staff has also assisted states in understanding implementation issues and establishing streamlined processing centers for access to affordable health care.

Business Intelligence 


As health and human services programs become more data-driven, Veritas HHS assists agencies develop systems and tools to help manage resources more effectively and aid staff in working smarter. We advise on optimizing resources such as data warehouses and assist management in devising dashboards and tailored reports to improve performance. We provide practical help on using data to guide operations, whether through sophisticated methods such as predictive analytics or simple caseworker tools to manage services more effectively.



Technology Planning and Change Management


Veritas HHS principals bring a unique perspective to technology planning and change management derived from experience as: 1) users of legacy systems through outsourced operations in more than a dozen states; 2) leaders of a successful large-scale and unusually compressed system development and implementation in Michigan; and 3) developers of low-cost, innovative technologies in public agencies and privately-run operations. This helps give us special insights into planning new statewide systems, incremental modernizations, and inexpensive high impact technology improvements. Our deep program knowledge and extensive experience in implementing program changes also enables us to help agencies manage major programmatic and technology transformations with minimal disruption and the shortest path to program improvement.