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Time to Re-think Medical Support


The strategy outlined in this paper proposes that child support agencies restructure their medical support programs in response to the ACA. With an estimated 90 percent of custodial parents now having access to subsidized or free health care for their children, it advocates that child support agencies pull back from medical support in most cases, assigning medical support responsibility to the custodial parent and defaulting to the IRS for enforcement. It further suggests that medical support enforcement tools be reserved for the small minority of cases (perhaps 10 – 25 percent of the cases) in which the custodial parent needs and wants medical support services. It leaves open the question of whether states should pursue medical support recovery for Medicaid cases. The paper also recommends that agencies use new coverage options under the ACA to ensure that both parents obtain coverage when possible. The approach recommended in the paper would substantially reduce the effort child support agencies expend on medical support while focusing their efforts on cases that most need help. It would also reduce the burden on employers by greatly reducing the number of NMSNs that are issued.
View a copy of the white paper.

Veritas HHS Operates Child Support Offices in Buncombe and Polk Counties, North Carolina


Veritas HHS partnered with two North Carolina counties to operate their child support offices effective July 1, 2015. The Buncombe County Office, located in Asheville, has a caseload of 7,000 and ranks as the top-performing urban county in the State. The Polk County Office, located in Mill Spring, has a caseload of 450, and is one of the top-ranked offices in the State of any size.

Veritas HHS Aids Arizona in Using Business Analytics to Improve Delivery of Child Support Services


Since September 2014, Veritas HHS has been working with Arizona to enhance its use of data to guide better child support performance. Veritas HHS has helped the Child Support Services Division to implement a new data warehouse and has developed management and caseworker dashboards. Our efforts have included better approaches to engage line staff in applying performance and operational data to their own work. Most recently, Veritas HHS has provided a roadmap for staff reallocation and process improvements to gain better program outcomes without increased resources.

Veritas HHS Helps Vermont Design and Implement Behavioral Intervention Strategies for Child Support (National Demonstration Project) 


For the Vermont Office of Child Support, Veritas HHS serves in the unique role of implementation contractor for the Behavioral Intervention Strategies for Child Support (BICS) Project. For this path breaking national demonstration, Veritas HHS has supported the agency and the national research contractor in designing innovative applications of behavioral techinques to improve cooperation with the child support program. The impact of these techinques is being measured through a rigorous experimental/control framework .

Veritas HHS Provides Change Management Expertise for South Carolina System Implementation


Since September 2015, Veritas HHS has been formulating a change management strategy in support of South Carolina's new automated child support system (PACSS). The Veritas HHS team is helping the State identify aspects of its policies, procedures, and organizational structures that will be affected by the new system and how to achieve maximum benefits through strategic changes. The Veritas HHS team will also be working with key stakeholder groups to assess potential changes in roles and processes and provide guidance on how these changes should be managed to achieve the greatest benefits from the system.