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Time to Re-think Medical Support


The strategy outlined in this paper proposes that child support agencies restructure their medical support programs in response to the ACA. With an estimated 90 percent of custodial parents now having access to subsidized or free health care for their children, it advocates that child support agencies pull back from medical support in most cases, assigning medical support responsibility to the custodial parent and defaulting to the IRS for enforcement. It further suggests that medical support enforcement tools be reserved for the small minority of cases (perhaps 10 – 25 percent of the cases) in which the custodial parent needs and wants medical support services. It leaves open the question of whether states should pursue medical support recovery for Medicaid cases. The paper also recommends that agencies use new coverage options under the ACA to ensure that both parents obtain coverage when possible. The approach recommended in the paper would substantially reduce the effort child support agencies expend on medical support while focusing their efforts on cases that most need help. It would also reduce the burden on employers by greatly reducing the number of NMSNs that are issued.
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Veritas HHS Operates New Child Support Offices in Kansas


In September 2013, Kansas became the first state to contract out operation of all local child support offices. Through a competitive procurement, Veritas HHS provides federally-mandated child support services in two of the largest jurisdictions: 1) a full range of child support services for Wyandotte County (Kansas City), Kansas; and 2) through a sub-contract with the 18th Judicial District Court Trustee, paternity and support obligation establishment services, along with financial management services, for child support cases in Sedgwick County (Wichita), Kansas. Veritas HHS is proud to participate in this historic public/private partnership, which is designed to improve child support performance and reduce costs statewide.

Veritas HHS Provides Technical Resources for ACA and Centralized Medicaid Implementation


In Wyoming, Veritas HHS provided a team to assist Northrop Grumman in start-up of a Centralized Medicaid Customer Service Center (CSC) for the Wyoming Department of Health. Our team developed standard operating procedures, call scripts, IVR scripts, and training materials, and also delivered training that enabled the CSC to start operations on schedule October 1, 2013. The CSC processes Medicaid applications, provides customer service, and supports eligibility determination statewide. Consolidating efforts previously performed in 28 local offices, the CSC provides more responsive and consistent customer service at reduced costs for the State.

Through CGI, Veritas HHS is providing business analysis and implementation assistance for start-up of the Colorado Health Care Marketplace. Colorado is one of sixteen states implementing the Affordable Care Act through its own Marketplace.

Veritas HHS Assists in Re-engineering Kansas Child Support Program


After completing a thorough program policy and operations review, Veritas HHS presented a series of recommendations to re-engineer the Kansas child support program. These recommendations, many of which have been implemented or are pending, have been designed to streamline processes and procedures, and to implement quick and easy technologies to speed case management. Veritas HHS staff helped to pilot some of the most cost-effective recommendations, including an expedited process for establishing paternity and support orders, and a series of macros to increase case processing efficiency. The changes recommended in the report complement the subsequent decision to privatize local delivery of child support services in the State.

Veritas HHS Helps States Enhance Data Reporting and Advanced Analytics


Collaborating closely with State IT resources, Veritas HHS assisted the Kansas child support division in the first-time establishment of dashboards presenting district-level data on federal performance measures. This information will enable district management to gauge their performance relative to program goals, and to assess the effectiveness of improvement strategies.

Veritas HHS also participated in an interoperability study to assess the potential for improving data reporting and business analytics for the Colorado Department of Human Services. Our recommendations were incorporated into a consolidated report on improved interoperability of human services systems in the agency, especially those serving child welfare programs.